5 Cool Berlin Cafes for your sipping pleasure

The best part about the Berlin café culture is the cool neighborhood, local appeal. No matter which you choose, your coffee sipping experience will be accompanied by some pretty interesting people watching and lounging.


Sloerm is a very unique café decked out in old school sofas, painted crates that double as tables, cinema seating and many unusual objects displayed throughout the café for no apparent reason. The café brings in a nice local crowd and the coffee is even nicer – smooth and strong, just the way I like it.


For a more relaxed daytime vibe, make your way to Café Goldberg. The café has wifi so bring along your laptop and catch up with friends over the Internet.
Great food, outdoor seating and interesting 60’s furniture make Goldberg the perfect coffee sipping, newspaper reading café by day; by night, check out the scene to get a glimpse of the local artsy and party types that frequent Berlin.

Schwarze Pumpe

Since 1993, word of mouth has been bringing in and keeping more and more regulars to this brilliant café. Café by day, bar by night – Schwarze Pumpe has something to please everyone’s fancy. Whether you are stopping in for a fabulous and inexpensive Sunday brunch or for a late night beverage and unpretentious fun, you are sure to be coming back for more.


If it’s a sunny day in Berlin, Edelweiss is definitely calling your name. The café/bar is located in Goerlitzer Park with outdoor seating perfect for your afternoon lounging, people watching, and coffee drinking enjoyment. Watch out for massive crowds especially on the weekends and during outdoor parties in Goerlitzer Park. Either way, if you are sitting in the sun, sipping your coffee, you are bound to enjoy the experience.

Zimt und Mehl

Excellent coffee and tasty breakfasts, here we come! While Zimt und Mehl might just look like an ordinary bakery it’s really a lot more than that – warm and inviting atmosphere, relaxing music, and a good vibe set the scene for enjoying tasty breakfasts and coffee with outstanding value and quality.

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Photo credit: lipár at https://www.flickr.com/photos/redroom/