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Have mTrip create your most personalized itinerary from a travel directory of over 800 Beijing tourist attractions with ratings, reviews, descriptions & pictures. Trying to find your way? Have mTrip locate you and display your best route offline. Want to see Beijing in mixed reality? Use augmented reality to get a heightened view. Having fun on your travels? Create postcards and send them via Facebook & email!

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Optimized Trip Itinerary

  • Automatically create a personalized trip itinerary with the mTrip Genius tool. This unique technology is available only with mTrip on your iPod Touch, iPhone or Android.
  • Have the mTrip Genius build your most personalized trip itinerary based on your trip dates, geographical location, travel interests, opening hours of tourist attractions and the ratings of other travelers.
  • Manually build your trip itinerary if you know the places you want to visit. Have the mTrip Genius fill in all your blanks.
  • Automatically re-organize your itinerary with the Smart Order tool. Find the best schedule based on the location of each place you plan to visit.
  • Add or remove attractions from your itinerary at any time.

Easy Navigation & Directions around Beijing

  • Have mTrip find your best route to and from each destination by foot or subway. This feature is also available on your iPod Touch!
  • Have the map locate you and display any point of interest around you.

Beijing travel guide with thousands of Attractions

  • Get the gist on tons of Beijing museums, restaurants, bars, hotels and more in the travel guide
  • Get opening hours, contact info. and even view prices in your home currency. See descriptions, ratings, reviews and pictures of tourist attractions.
  • Submit and receive unlimited free updates on your iPhone, Android and iPod Touch

Beijing Through Augmented Reality!

  • Display Beijing in augmented reality simply by looking through your iPhone, iPad or Android
  • Get a visual of all the museums, monuments, shopping and restaurants in your area
  • Display the rating and distance of each tourist attraction
  • The most exciting way to view Beijing!

Trip Sharing

  • Send personalized postcards of Beijing attractions to friends and family via Facebook or email
  • Add your own ratings, reviews and updates to any Beijing attraction in the travel guide and share them with other travelers
  • Unlimited sharing is free and there are no roaming fees

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