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Do mTrip Travel Guides require an Internet connection?

Internet is not required for any feature in mTrip Travel Guides. You can plan your trip, locate yourself on the map, get offline routing, use augmented reality and share postcards via email and Facebook without any roaming fees. If a wifi connection is not detected on your device, all your updates will be stored until you have access to an Internet connection.

Why is it important to update the travel guide?

When you press the update button, you receive new Points of Interest (POI’s) as well as any changes to existing ones. For example, you will receive updates if a restaurant has changed its prices or if a museum has closed for renovations. By updating your app you are also sending your ratings, reviews and pictures to other travelers for retrieval when they update their apps as well.

Is my information confidential?

The only information that you share with other travelers is your ratings, reviews, pictures you add to POI’s  as well as when you add new POI’s. Nothing else.
mTrip stores the data you share with other travelers as well as your trip itinerary so in a coming version of mTrip Travel Guides you will be able to retreive it at any time.
mTrip does not store any information that would identify you (email, Facebook login or password). You trip information is completely anonymous.
Respecting your privacy is important to us.

Does it cost anything to receive updates?

Updates are free for every traveler. This includes all ratings, reviews, pictures, new POI’s, and updated POI’s.

What is Trip Genius?

The Trip Genius is a tool used exclusively by mTrip. The complex algorithm takes into account the travelers information (interests, pace preference, starting location and trip dates) and the place information (geographic locations, popularity/ratings and opening hours of places), creating your most personalized trip ever!

Can I change my trip itinerary order or delete places from it?

To change the order of your places, go into  the Itinerary’ section and press the Edit button at the top right corner. Simply drag and drop them where you would like. To remove them click on the minus sign located to the right of each place.

What is Smart Order?

Smart Order is a feature that sorts the travelers itinerary into an order that is geographically logical. The smart order is based on your start location as well as the geographical locations of each place you will be visiting. At any time during your trip you may re-order your trip itinerary based on your current location, the city centre or your hotel accomodation.

Does GPS require an Internet connection?

NO. Please ensure your settings are correct as stated in “GPS Settings.”