Where can I buy mTrip Travel Guides?

Is there a demo available for the travel guide?

Are all of mTrip Travel Guide’s features available on iPod Touch?

Are there any roaming charges associated with using mTrip Travel Guides?

What makes mTrip the best travel guide for your next trip?

Travel Content

Where does mTrip Travel Guides get all its travel information?

Can I add my own Points of Interest to the travel guide?


Are updates free?

What kinds of updates are made?

How often do you make updates to the travel guide?

Can I suggest modifications?

Trip Planner

How does mTrip automatically plan my trip?

How is my trip itinerary organized and how can I view it?

Can I make changes to the trip itinerary if I change my mind?


Does GPS work without data roaming costs? Are there any roaming charges?

Can the map locate me and plan my route? Does the map give me directions?

Augmented Reality

What is augmented reality?

What does the augmented reality tool do for me on mTrip?

Sharing your trip

What can I share?

Can I share with other travelers?

Is sharing free?