Travel Guides on Android

mTrip offers intelligent and interactive travel guides for Android. The travel guides automatically customize your trip itineraries with rich travel content, guide you to each tourist attraction with offline directions, use augmented reality to display the tourist attractions in your area, and allow you to share your trips with personalized e-postcards over Facebook and email.

  • Automated & Customized Trip Itineraries
  • Offline map & Location-based Navigation by foot or Subway
  • Hundreds of museums, monuments, restaurants, hotels, bars…
  • Traveling in Augmented Reality
  • Sharing via Facebook & Email
  • 100% OFFLINE (except for updates and sharing)
  • Content is updated daily for free
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What are they saying about mTrip Travel Guides?

"...will create a personalized itinerary, with walking or mass transit directions... offline "
New York Times
"It uses the latest in smart phone technology to make it easier to stay on track in a foreign locale "
Associated Press
"mTrip for Android is like having a personal tour guide in your pocket!"
Best Android
"We're roaming large with no roaming charge"
Vitamin Daily

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Travel Guide for Android

mTrip is a travel guide for worldwide travelers. The travel guides combine travel tips from Europe’s leading travel publisher, Falk, user-generated content like travel reviews and travel ratings as well as advanced technologies from the latest smart phone developments to create the leading city guide in the travel industry. Download the travel guide on your Android phone and get your own personal tour guide! Use the mTrip Genius to automatically create your own personalized travel itinerary, use the travel map to locate yourself and find directions to tourist attractions, monuments, museums, hotels, restaurants and more. Use the travel guide directory to find monuments, museums, cafes, hotels, restaurants and other attractions. Send your travel photos by Facebook or email. The travel app is available on your Android device and is all offline with no roaming fees (except sharing and updates).
User-generated content includes: Travel reviews, travel ratings, travel photos, travel guide changes and new points of interest updated to the travel guide
Trip itinerary uses: trip preferences (religious sites, monuments, attractions and parks), trip dates, hotel or trip accommodation, pace preference and traveler ratings
Travel map gives you: directions to tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels and more by foot or Subway
Trip sharing: Travel pictures sent via Facebook or email